We know there are many real estate photography businesses out there promising the world, many of them with little experience in videography, some of them even just 2 weeks training.  That is where we differ. With over 40 years of combined experience and variety of our principle photographers in both shooting and editing, we are able to bring a product to the market that is fresh, new and creates an emotional draw card.  It’s a small investment that can get you more for your property, especially when selling to a ‘site-unseen investor’ who relies on photography and videography to buy a property.  Our camera’s are the buyers eyes.  There is a need to make every video pop out of the page, to gain interest! To maximise the property’s exposure! To sell or showcase you property.

We promise to meet the brief. No matter if we are shooting real estate, a hotel, a B&B, a business or architecture we will capture video that will enhance your property giving you a product that will showcase the best your property has to offer. We will endeavor to match our videography with your real estate or media copy.

All our Real Estate video packages come as follows
1920×1080 (Full HD) or lower if required.
Mpeg4 or required format.
Professional Radio & TV Voice talent
Your company logo, Royalty free music bed and/or lifestyle sound effects Turn around time for videos vary depending on requirements and voice talent availability.
FAST ONLINE downloads via Drop Box linked to you via email.*


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