General FAQ’S

How important is photography to selling a property?

Most people looking to purchase a property or business start their search on the internet.  They search for houses that match their criteria – for example price, location and features. When a property is found it usually consists of photos, a description of the property and the agent’s contact details. Research has shown that the quality of the photos shown in their search, will generally determine whether they look further at the property or not. If it’s blurred, dark or uninteresting, the potential purchaser will more than likely bypass the property.  It’s that simple. So photography, especially the first image shown, is very important.

How does your service work?

Its easy and quick to use our service. You contact us though our website, or via our marketing material and request a photoshoot for your property or business.  We will then come at an agreed time to complete the shoot.  We then go back to our office, edit the photos and do our thing with video footage, and usually have all images back to you within 24 hours.

Do you only work for real estate agents?

No, Gold Coast Real Estate Photography also works for private vendors, Architects, resorts, hotels, motels, lodges, hostels and business owners as well as real estate agents.

How much time do you spend at the property?

There are many factors that may need to be considered when shooting a property, and as a guideline only,
Standard Shoot 3/4 bed home – 60-70 mins
30-40 minutes for smaller houses and units
20 mins for exteriors only.
additional 30 when shooting a sunrise or sunset shoot.
Additional charges may apply if the shoot takes longer due to the interior condition being messy, or when the photographer is distracted constantly (for example, if the agent or owner decides to discuss or direct the shoot at the property).

How may photos will I get?

Over all, it depends on what package you purchase. There is a limiting factor to how many photos you can upload on a real estate or accommodation site. We suggest that posting 20-26 images is enough to stimulate interest of the property. Of course, if you want more photos, we’re happy to do so, although we may have to charge more, depending on the amount of time taken.

Can you send me the photos urgently?

Although our standard turnaround is 24 hours, we can deliver the photos within 3 hours after the shoot as long as as  you’ve arranged it with us beforehand so we candecline other agents requests to book out that time slot. Please note an additional fee of $140 will be charged.

Will you edit unwanted items from photos?

Yes we will  edit unwanted items from within the photos on request, For example remove minor artifacts from structural items such as oil staines on driveways or chipped paint on the condition that those defects will be rectified before the house is sold. However, we suggest caution in case potential buyers rely on retouched photos when they’re making a decision to purchase the property.

Editing out defects and objects can be time consuming and costly. Therefore an hourly fee of $65.00 is charged for touch ups that are requested to removed,  It’s always far better if you arrange to have them removed, where possible, prior to the shoot.


Do you charge more for additional editing?

If you require additional editing (for example, to remove objects that were present when the shoot was done or  to replace skies, enhance greens of grass, we will charge $65.00 per hour as an additional fee.

How are the photos edited?

All photos are edited to correct distortion, to crop and straighten photos and to adjust colour temperature, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity and sharpness.
We can also smooth and offer HDR should you require it

Do you work weekends?

Because owners and tenants often request weekend shoots we are available saturdays when required. However please keep in mind saturdays often fill quickly and may not always be available


If the weather is bad should I cancel the shoot?

Photos look better when it’s overcast or raining as  bright sunlight creates harsh shadows and the brighter light outside often makes it difficult to shoot inside, especially when filtering though glass windows and doors. Cloud cover eliminates shadows and it’s easier to balance the inside and outside lighting through windows. Clouds can also look much better than blue skies as well, creating depth to the image.

If it is storming it may be required to rebook another time.


Do you do sunrise or sunset shoots?

Yes we do!  We refer to it as the  ‘Golden Hour Money Shot.’

It’s the image that grabs the buyer’s attention and motivates them to look at the home in more detail.

A twilight shoot costs more but it can result in a quicker sale and/or a higher price so it’s usually worth the extra expense.

Is my house suitable for a twilight shoot?

Any house can benefit from a twilight shoot.
However, the ideal property should boast lots of exterior lighting and large, open windows and may have a pool

How do I download my photos?

We will send you a link to download your images via a secure online dropbox service.
This link will be sent to the email on the booking form.

If you are a regular user of Gold Coast Real Estate Photography  you may also download a a folder from the cloud which will be linked to your filing structure on your computer, and you have instant drop and drag facilities, just as you would with a local folder. The advantage of this is that you have instant access and also get notifications when your photos have been uploaded.

What if I don’t like the photos?

We want to keep you happy, therefore, If for some reason you are not 100% happy with the photos we take for you we will first need to discuss what is wrong with them. We may either re-edit the images, or re-shoot the property. Please note, if you upload the images to a sales website, or use the images in marketing we will warrant the images as acceptable. Therefore you may not use or upload images if you are not happy with them. If it is one or two image of a package you are not happy with we will only re-edit the images.

Why do my photos appear to dark or too light on my monitor?

Our monitors are calibrated frequently to industry standards so we get the right colours and exposures. The most likely reason your images appear dark /light or tinted is because your monitor hasn’t been calibrated to industry standards.

You should adjust your monitor’s brightness, contrast and colour temperature controls to mid-range levels. If you require is to re-edited them to suit your taste, we’re only too happy to oblige

What are the terms & conditions of payment and how do we pay?

For new clients, were the client is not a real estate agent, we require an upfront payment. We issue an invoice with our bank details attached. You also have the option to pay via PayPal using your credit card. 7 Day accounts may be requested for non real estate parties, however a credit check maybe required.

For real estate agents we can set up a monthly account billing cycle , which is renewable on the first day of every month. Payment terms are strictly 7 days.
Our ABN and bank account details appear at the bottom of invoice statements.


How do I prepare my property for for a photo shoot?

Before having Gold Coast Real Estate Photography take your photos you will need to the make the property as attractive as possible to buyers. Remember picture is worth 1,000 words. If you are able get the buyer’s interested before they ever see it in person, you will increase your chances of selling quickly.  Visit our Preparation page to find out more.

What can I do with my images or video Gold Coast Real Estate Photography supply me?

Basically anything you want, that includes using them to market your property for sale, lease or as accommodation. You can use them in print media and online services.  including storing, editing, printing, displaying and transmitting the photos, but only in relation to marketing or promotion of the property being sold or leased.

Photos  and video images may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to any other person (including to owners or other agencies), unless where expressly agreed to by Gold Coast Real Estate Photography


Who owns copyright to the photos?

All copyright rights (expressed or implied) is retained by Gold Coast Real Estate Photography, unless an agreement has been made to the contrary (or in certain circumstances where specified in the Copyright Act 1968).

On receipt of full payment (or within 7 days from the date shown on our invoice, if applicable), we assign to the person that paid for the photos (i.e. the real estate agency or a particular rep or team within that agency, as the case may be) limited rights to do as they wish with the photos, such as storing, editing, printing, displaying and transmitting the photos, but only in relation to marketing or promotion of the property being sold or leased. Photos may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to any other person (including to owners or other agencies), unless where expressly agreed to by us. Location photographs taken or provided in relation to a property may only be used in relation to that property and not in relation to any other property. Use of photos outside of these guidelines will constitute a breach of our copyright. We reserve the right to use the photos for promotional purposes and to resell the images.

Do I have to pay further royalties?

No, unless it is agreed that you may resell the images to to owners or other agencies.

What sort of equipment do you use?

We take pride in our camera equipment and to assist us in capturing the best imagery we only use top of the range professional Canon or Nikon Digital SLR camera bodies, lenses  flash systems and sometime extra lighting soft boxes to ensure that you get only the best possible photographs.

We shoot in RAW and edit photos using Aperture for Mac and Adobe Photoshop. Our Apple iMac computers are colour-calibrated regularly

We backup all photos to external storage drives for 1 year

How far do you travel?

We have principle shooters in Brisbane, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Northern NSW as well as contracted professional photographers in most parts of Australia\

Standard packages apply for most metropolitan areas. However, if the total amount of travel time is excessive or if accommodation costs are incurred, additional charges will apply but will be approved by the client prior to the shoot,

If a shoot needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances do I still have to pay?

If the photographer has attended the property but the shoot is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the photographer’s control, you will be charged a cancellation fee. (EG the tenant refuses entry or the interior requires a cleaning),

However, if we are advised beforehand that the shoot is to be cancelled doe to unforeseen circumstances no charge will apply.

Please keep in mind,  you are paying for the photographer’s time, equipment and skills, and as as well as the photographs taken or delivered.

I don’t charge Vendor-Paid Adverting. How do I convince vendors to pay for professional photography?

It is important to realise Homes that are photographed professionally generally sell quicker and often sell for more than those that don’t have quality photos, due to good photography attracting more potential buyers.

The basic cost of photographing an average 3/4 bedroom house valued at $440K is about 1.5 to 2% of the total commission paid by the vendor.  It also means that you’re more likely to sell before your listing period expires.

How can I convince vendors to use you?

We al know the benefits of Professional real estate photography. Vendors, on the other hand may need some convincing. Therefore, We can supply you with brochures outlining our services.

Are you registered for GST?

Yes, our ABN is 11 419 030 171 and will appear on our invoices.

Do you charge to pick up keys

As long as it’s only a short distance from the property and it doesn’t interfere with other work we need to do we are happy to collect and drop off keys free of charge.
If we are required to travel in excess of a couple of suburbs, we may charge an additional fee.

Are there usually any issues with strata titled complexes or tenants?

Generally No, however, sometime we maybe confronted with concerns and resistance from other owners within complexes, from body corporate committee members and from tenants in general.

Other owners and all tenants are entitled to privacy and ‘quiet enjoyment’ and therefore we endeavor to do our best to carry out our duties.

We reserve the right to leave if instructed to do so or if we feel our safety is compromised.

It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure we have the appropriate permissions and safe access to the premises including common areas so that we may complete our work. Failing to do so may result in a full payment being charged despite  the shoot not being completed.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987,  we have no rights as far as access to properties and tenants may demand that we leave at any time.

This means that we will generally not move their belongings, expect for minor items such as shoes on the floor or a toy left in the middle of the room, and we will only do this with their permission.  If the tenant is not home, we will take this as “Permission Granted” to move these smaller items.

The sales Agent is to be on site and to request permission from the tenant if they require that items other than minor items be moved out of the photo.