About Us

Gold Coast Realestate Photography is a group of professional photographers and editors who have come together to offer a premium and  professional service to vendors and real estate agents.

When not photographing real estate or commercial properties, our photographers can be found camera in hand photographing the amazing beaches of the Gold and Tweed Coast.  They also work as wedding photographers and videographers, portrait and events photographers.

Gold Coast Real Estate Photography was started soon after owner Jaydon completed his photography studies and began looking at properties in the area. After studying photography, the poor quality of real estate photos really stood out. It was obvious that most were just snapped by the agent with little knowledge of what make a photograph work.  … And photographs do work!   They work for the agent and they work for the property owner and as it has been proven,  homes with professional quality photographs sell for more money than those taken by agents.  The Gold Coast is one place where good quality photos are paramount as many properties are bought by international investors who buy sight unseen.

Gold Coast Real Estate Photography was one of the first real estate photography businesses in the area. Many have come and gone, but our well established client base and consistent high quality photography have given us an enduring quality.  We discovered early on, that we needed to incorporate imaging and editing technologies which enable us to capture  the magic of your property inside and out. We are constantly keeping up with camera technology, lighting  and software to make the photographs of your property stand out from the crowd.